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Legacy Senior Living of Clinton Township

Your Home Away From Home


From its spacious and immaculate living room to its cozy bedrooms with complete amenities, Legacy Senior Living of Clinton Township has everything you need for a tranquil and serene stay. Everything about the group home is designed to make life easier and more dignified as you spend quality time in your home away from home.


The living room/receiving area welcomes guests warmly, giving them a first view of a clean house with warm and comfortable furniture carefully selected to make the residents feel right at home.

The living room/family room is homey while maintaining a community atmosphere where residents can enjoy various activities or simply keep each other company while seated on the reclining sofas. Residents have their meals in the cozy dining area with each meal prepared according to individual resident's dietary requirements and restrictions.

There are four bedrooms (two private and two semi-private rooms) furnished with comfortable foam mattresses, quilted comforters, personal chairs, closets, mirrors. Each resident is provided with their own night stand and reading lamp.

The bathroom and shower areas are wheelchair accessible and designed with the safety and comfort of residents in mind, with a shower chair and securely installed grab bars to make sure residents have an easy and pleasant time.

Outside, residents can enjoy some down time at the relaxing patio.

This is Legacy Senior Living of Clinton Township: your home away from home.

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